6 Smart Ways To Use Waste Water Generated By RO

On most issues, my wife and I are at loggerheads. So no guesses for my reaction when one evening, after returning from work, I noticed some changes in the kitchen. I saw that our trusted water filter was gone and a small RO machine was affixed to the wall above. The water filter which had presided over the platform majestically for so long had suddenly vanished, vacating a decent space for the ease of kitchen activities.  The platform looked nicer and cleaner. But an RO plant? A heartfelt fusillade of ifs and buts followed from my mouth.

I didn’t hide my disagreement with this upgradation which in my view was wastage of money and would do no good but to lower the immunity of our body. Arguments from both sides ensued for and against, and as it ends always, I eventually gave in, but not before a glass of RO water was presented to me to drink. I felt something was pleasantly different. The taste of water was obviously purer. A little salty taste, which I had become used to, was gone. And the smell that our tap water was issuing for some time, and which our filter had failed to negotiate with, had no trace in this RO water.

I retreated to my room with the hurt of losing out again to my better half. But the next morning fortune favoured me to win a point. I scowled at my wife peeling onions for my breakfast, ‘Hey, what is this?’ ‘What,’ she asked with usual abandon. ‘The machine is throwing away so much water into the drain; what a waste!’ I exclaimed horridly. My day was made because my wife nodded in agreement. Then she repeated what the RO installer had told her.

For every 1 litre of purified water, the RO plant drains out 3 litres. Reverse Osmosis (RO) units filter impurities through a membrane technology. Cleaning water requires additional water. The water employed for the cleanup is discharged and drained.

‘Well, I have a plan to use this water,’ I said cheerfully making up with my wife. She was eager to know. I said we will use this water for the following purposes:

  • For car wash

  • For Watering kitchen garden

  • Floor mopping

  • Pre-rinsing Laundry

  • Cleaning and Flushing Toilets

  • Washing Utensils


‘What an idea sirji!’ Her eyes acknowledged that I was the master of the house. We had made peace.

What she didn’t know that I studied about RO plants and learnt in details how useful they are. And it was on one of their brochures where I had read about the various uses of the discharged water.

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