Absolute water purity is injurious to health

The captioned statement is neither funny nor a gimmick. Let’s take a deeper look. Absolute purity means, two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen and nothing else in the compound. Nature never offers potable water in that form. The purest of brooks or water sources offer water which has the good dose of mineral and salts in it. Even rainwater, as good as distilled water, absorbs different elements from the atmosphere on its way to the earth making it impure. If the atmosphere has too much of Sulphur, its absorption occasionally results in the acid rain because the rainwater becomes Sulfuric acid.

Pure water is an agile absorbent even by the slightest contact with its surroundings. Since pure water has the ability to absorb, it is recommended by healthcare practitioners and scientists as a detox agent for a short period of time to rid the body of impurities. Long-term intake of purified water can be harmful, as it would lead to mineral deficiencies causing degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, brain damage, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, etc.

Mineralized water, generally found in clean rivers, streams and wells, is good for human consumption provided they don’t have undue hardness, chlorine and foul smell due to putrefied substances. Impurities mixed up with water is not good for human consumption.

But if one were to drink absolutely pure water, it would drain the mineral out of human body. Sterile water fails to provide the vital electrolytes that a body needs in order to perform ‘Bioelectric’ functions. Instead, it strips away the existing electrolytes from the body, causing damage to cells.

Most of RO purifiers available in the market are not well tuned to this aspect. Hence what we get is water with some acidic properties. Prolonged use of such acidic water increases acidity in the body and many other related complications. Taking note of this, advanced RO water purifiers are being developed which clean water with balanced pH skewed a bit above 7. This suitably addresses the problem of acidity in the water.

Water with alkalinity is gaining currency these days. Some of the benefits of purified water with alkalinity are as follows:

It’s safe for the mother and baby as a pH balanced water fights pregnancy-induced constipation.

It maintains energy level during exercise. It also reduces physiological strain, keeps the body well hydrated and supplies oxygen and minerals, leading to improved endurance capacity of almost 23%.

It maintains body’s water balance and increases longevity.  It can prevent headaches and cancerous cells and helps maintain a healthy heart.

It also reduces obesity.

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