Tap the true possibility of the Brain

Have you ever noticed the praise someone gets for remembering something extra from their counterpart? If you can flaunt the extra knowledge you have on dinner table discussion and say five more things about the topic you are considered socially smart. The main reason behind that extra knowledge is the awareness but the retention part of the awareness can be directly related to your good habit of consuming more water per day than your counterparts. From getting enough sleep to doing crossword puzzles, staying hydrated is also considered as the most important part to make your brain work faster than the normal. You don’t have to force yourself to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day instead you shall always feel hydrated. The brain is the main energy source and also requires bountiful of energy for it to work in a proper way. Seventy-five percent of the brain is water so it needs this basic substance. We generally tend to relate our habit of drinking water with the proper functioning of our body organs such as liver, kidney and heart but the direct relation of our habit of drinking water is with the brain.

Drinking water does not require any major effort from your side but ironically it has amazing benefits for your brain. In this article, we will look at some of the unbelievably interesting facts and benefits that are directly related to our habit of drinking water and efficient functioning of the brain.

      • More water means more efficient brain: What you do just after waking up? In the era of speed we often open our eyes and check our phones but truly what we need to do is to drink sufficient water so that our brain feels hydrated and in turn gives us more retention power as it starts to work faster. While sleeping, in each deep breath you tend to lose moisture so when you wake up you feel dehydrated. Our brain cells need water in the morning to reach the optimum level of working.


    • More water means more attention: There is a saying ‘Detailing is God’. The difference between an ordinary man and a man who achieves something is the attention he can give to a particular work as compared with the ordinary man. The foremost method to increase our power of concentration is meditation but consuming sufficient amount of water also helps a lot in maintaining high concentration levels. Drinking coffee or tea also helps to gain more concentration but it has its ill effects also so nothing can beat consuming water at regular intervals.


    • How’s your mood today? : Seeing scenic river flow or amazing waterfall in mountains can uplift your mood, in the same manner maintaining sufficient level of water in your body will help to maintain your emotions and moods as the water detoxify the dead cells and also maintain temperature levels within the body. Other than that it also helps you in giving a ‘mental restart’ in the same manner as we have to restart our electronic devices for better performance.


    • You will never require sleeping pills: As the music can make a calm effect on you in a similar way having a half glass of water before you doze off can have a very calm effect on your brain as the blood flow increases in the brain and thus making it properly hydrated. Also, the waste particles in the brain get removed if you are properly hydrated before your sleep time.


    • Your short-term memory will never go for a toss: Do you remember what you ate yesterday in your breakfast. Probably you need to think a bit before you revive what you ate at yesterday’s breakfast. As per the recent research in Britain, it has been proven that the more you are hydrated the sharper your short-term memory becomes. Being just slightly dehydrated can impair your memory and retention power.


So, the bottom line is if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle to be in love with the habit of drinking water and always be hydrated for better concentration power, retention, and sleep to keep your mood and emotions in balance. Even when you are reading this article your brain is in use so the next thing you shall do is to consume the required amount of water and avail plenty of benefits tapping the true possibility of your brain.

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