THE ‘W’ FACTOR: Why more Water in Winters

Ever wondered why your skin is not glowing as much it should have been in this winter season. Muscle spasms, headache, back pain and constipation has become an integral part of your living? After going through this article you will find an answer to the above question and also it will impart an unprecedented knowledge that will do wonders for your health.

The earth never stops rotating around the sun so does the moon never stop rotating around the earth but it is the tilt in the axis of the earth that causes winter. During the winter the sun rays hit the earth at a shallow angle, the rays are more spread out, and thus we have winters. Caring for our body and our earth is very much connected, 70% of adults’ body accounts for water and similarly, nearly three-fourths of the earth’s surface is covered by water.

Water is the only miraculous element found on this planet which is naturally available in all three states i.e. solid, liquid and gas.   Water in our bodies acts as an internal air conditioner, regulating our body temperature through sweat and respiration. As the temperature drops in winters, we tend to change our water drinking habit subconsciously as we drink much less water when compared with the summers. Sweating is lot lesser in winters thus the desire to consume more water becomes less as we don’t feel thirsty. But, the fact is that our system’s process remains the same during the colder season also, hence we must be more careful during winters about drinking enough water and fluids. For our body to function properly, it should replace 2.4 liters of water on daily basis.

It becomes very much essential to find out why our bodies need sufficient amount of water during winters month too. We often take our habit of drinking water for granted but we tend to forget that water is the most important nutrient that our body requires; not drinking sufficient amount of water in winters may lead to deep levels of effects of dehydration such as muscle spasms, increased breathing rate and delirium. Be it winters or summers the role of water in the body remains the same: transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells, removing waste, facilitating the body in absorbing nutrients, protecting and cushioning vital organs, moistening and hydrating the skin and eyes, ensuring adequate blood volume and thus helping keep the blood pressure normal too. Water also regulates body temperature; just as it helps protect against heat exhaustion during the hot months, in winters it is needed to ensure insulation against the cold. Muscles need a proper electrolyte-water balance in the body to function properly; less amount of water can also lead to fatigue. Lack of water can increase friction in joints resulting in joint deterioration and pain. Our spine is also dependent upon the hydraulic properties of water, so when disk dehydrates it loses its efficiency and this may lead to back pain. Water hydrates us from inside out, creating a fresh, healthy look. So the easiest, most natural way to a radiant skin is – yes, drinking enough water. When we don’t drink enough water the body starts retaining extra water to compensate for this shortage. This water is often stored in extra-cellular spaces and shows up as bloated face, hands, legs and feet. To eliminate water retention we need to drink more fluid rather than less.

So, in winter months too we shall make sure that we retain sufficient water in our bodies even if it seems to be a tough task. Make sure that you consciously drink at least 3-4 liters of water in winters depending upon your workout routine but don’t just sip small amount of water instead have proper water breaks and have sufficient amount of water at one go so that your body determines how much to retain and how much not, but if you sip it constantly, body will get confused and start absorbing more than it should. You can also switch to slightly warm water with lemon or green tea as it increases body temperature, which therefore increases the metabolic rate.

As the life happens from within, it is of utmost importance to gauge how much water you are consuming in winters because if you control the waters in the system, phenomenal things will happen as our body is the product of this planet.

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