The Benefit of Alkaline Water Purifier: Freedom from Diseases Big and Small

What to choose, alkaline or RO water purifiers?
The scientists have already rung the warning bell – if people continue using RO water purifiers for long, there is a very possible outcome that many of them would fall ill. The RO water purifiers actually dispense acidic water, or water that has a pH scale-count of less than 7. The pH scale is an indicator of hydrogen content in the water, and according to scientists drinking acidic water is a direct invitation to a host of diseases, including cancer, strokes and arthritis etc.
The alkaline purifiers, on the other hand, dispense water that is alkaline in nature, or to be specific, water that has pH count between 7.5 and 9. This water is proven to be better because, according to medical sciences, no disease-causing germ can sustain and grow in an alkaline environment. So, if you need to take a decision between an acidic and an alkaline water purifier company, choose the latter as your chosen purifier brand if you want to save your kids, family and everyone else who would like to drink purified water at your home or in the office.

Take care, the dangers of RO water purifier are aplenty
While there is no seemingly obvious difference in water dispensed by acidic RO and alkaline purifiers, remain beware because the biggest of dangers are always unnoticeable. The RO water purifiers have been linked to almost all kinds of diseases and disorders. Starting from obesity, hypertensions and other lifestyle disorders, to aggravating dangers, such as strokes and cancer are caused due to acidic environment inside our bodies’ tissues.