Blue Mount Comfort Plus TT Water Dispenser

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BA 41

The Blue Mount water dispenser offers hot & cold dispenser functionality. Moreover, the LED indicator and bottom mounting facility.

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The Blue Mount water dispenser offers hot & cold dispenser functionality. Moreover, the LED indicator and bottom mounting facility.

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Listing Attributes <ul>
<li>Product Code: BA41</li>
<li>Technology:Water Dispenser Hot, Cold & Normal</li>
<li>Application: Hot,Cold & Normal Water</li>
<li>Weight: 11.7 kg (Approx)</li>
<li>Product Dimension (Inch): 15(L) x12.2(W) X 22.4(H)</li>
<li>Storage:4 Liters (3 Liters Cold & 1 Liter Hot) </li>
<li>Cooling Capacity : Up to 3 Liters Per Hours</li>
<li>Heating Capacity Up to 5 Liters Per Hours</li>
<li>Helpline Number 011- 49491515 </li>

Applications Hot,Cold & Normal Water
Input Voltage 180-250 Volt AC (50 HZ)
Installation Table top
Operating Voltage 180-250 Volt AC (50 HZ)
Technology Water Dispenser Hot, Cold & Normal
Storage Capacity 4 Liters (3 Liters Cold & 1 Liter Hot)
Product Dimension (inch) 15 (L) X 12.2 (W) x 22.4(H)
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Strong, Compact And Fully Covered Body
Unlike most industrial purifiers, Blue mount water purifiers have fully covered body. It is made of durable metal, powder coated which is easy to maintain and looks good. It has an excellent design which is compact and well proportioned.
Beautiful Design
Even though the purifier is for commercial use, special attention is given on its looks and ease of use. The blue and white colors and modular design with taps and user friendly LED display makes the purifiers one of a kind.
Push Fit Components
All the fittings and components are push-fit with rubber O-rings for easy assembling and dismantling preventing leakages or wastage of water.
Fully Automatic, Power Efficient
With its advanced system the purifiers are fully automatic in functioning and don’t need any special attention. They work effortlessly on voltage fluctuations and are power efficient.
Designed For Large Scale Usage
We have designed the technology, which supports purification for large-scale water consumption on daily basis without compromising on quality of water, has no wastage and is low of running cost."
Safe Material
All plastic parts are Food grade, non-breakable ABS plastic components ensuring that no harmful chemicals leech into purified water and it remains safe and pure while in the purifier for long duration.
Plug And Play
The purifiers are online and have an easy to use dispensing facility with a tray underneath to prevent the floor getting wet and avoid wastage. One can easily fill bottles, glass or just drink directly from the tap in the purifier. It can also be connected easily with an external storage.
No Installation Hassles
The purifier can be placed anywhere on the floor. Though the purifiers are installed by our executive at the first time, they can be easily shifted to any other location and used.
1-2 Feet Tall
As per the purification capacity and its advanced technology of purification the purifiers are built such that they do not occupy much space, are highly integrated and well proportioned.