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Ultraviolet sterilization is useful for targeted elimination of microbes.
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Ultraviolet sterilization is useful for targeted elimination of microbes. It ensures that the water is 100% free from bacteria, viruses and other impurities and ideal for consumption.Blue Mount state-of-the-art online UV technology uses 4 stages purification method. First is Sediment cartridge, which filters suspended impurities like fine sand and clay from the water. This water is then double purified by Activated Carbon cartridge and Silver Impregnated Carbon removing all chemical impurities like chlorine, as well as colour and odour from the water. Shine+ purifier contain transparent storage tanks that are insect-proof and don't make water smell bad.

More Information
Technology Online Ultra Violet
Applications Suitable for Purification of Brackish / Tap / Municipal water
Purification Capacity Upto 60 Litres Per Hour
Product Dimension (inch) 16.7(H) x 12.2(W) x 11.8 (L) With Tap
Storage Capacity 9 Litres
Filters Sediment, Activated Carbon, Ultra Violet, Silver Impregnated Carbon
Membrane Type NIL
Input Voltage 100-300 Volt AC (50 Hz)
Operating Voltage 24 Volt (DC)
Total Power Consumption 11 Watt
Installation Wall Mounted/Table Top
Filter's Life Approx 5200 Litres /1 Year
Min. Inlet Pressure/Temp 0.3 kg/cm2, 10°C
Max. Inlet Pressure/Temp 3.5 kg/cm2, 35°C
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Beautiful To Look At
Ergonomically designed, brilliant blue colour with highlights of white, soft edges and curvy body, every detail carefully considered to enhance your experience.
Hygienic Tap-Outlet
An elegant one finger press tap makes it easy to dispense water and prevents leakage or wastage.
Push Fit Components
All the fittings and components are push-fit with rubber O-rings for easy assembling and dismantling preventing leakages or wastage of water.
A Size That Fit's In All Kitchens
The compact size makes it fit in any kitchen without occupying much space.
Safe Material
All plastic parts are 100% Food grade and unbreakable ensuring that no harmful chemicals leach into purified water and it remains safe and pure while in the purifier for long duration."
Simple Yet Sturdy
The 20 micron anodized aluminium chamber of UV is corrosion resistant, water resistant, long lasting and allows UV to be easily replaceable.
Built-In High Storage Tank
Shine+ comes with built-in auto fill storage tank of 9 litres, while Shine can easly be connected with external storage tank. An elegant tap is attach to these for easy dispensing.
Easy To Connect
Shine does not have a storage tank but has a standard outlet nozzle which can be easily connected with any external storage.
The most suitable place is mounting them on a wall and it doesn't need to occupy counter space. The beautiful design adds to the kitchen's aesthetics."
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