CARBON BLOCK ( 2.5'', 10'')

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We are the leading manufacturers of ICarbon Block (2.5” ,10”) used in RO Water Purifiers. This product is manufactured using very pure coconut shell activated carbon which gives you an amazing cost-to-performance value. Product Features: • High chlorine reduction, great dirt-holding capacity, and greatly reduced carbon fines, will make the Hydronix CB Series the best in class. • Ideal for Point-of-use (POU) and reverse osmosis applications. • These ICarbon Block Filters are ideal for displacing traditional GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) and PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon) filters in applications where high chlorine reduction is needed. Product Specification: • It can fit standard (2.5” x 10") filters • It reduces taste, bad odour, chlorine and VOC's from source drinking water • It has the most powerful chlorine removal capacity and is competitive in regards to any best carbon block filters • It has 5 Micron Nominal Filtration • Its’s diameter is 2.5" • Length is 10" • It has an initial flow rate of 2.0 PSID @ 1 GPM • Chlorine Reduction is 6,000 Gallons @ 1 gpm • Micron Rating is 5 microns • Maximum Operating Pressure is 250 PSI

Used In : Advance Star,EVA Star,EVA,Crown Star,Crown UTS,Elite Star,Nova UTS (Under-Sink),Nova Plus (Under-Sink),Marine,Idol,Idol Star,Idol Gold,Idol Smart,Magna,Magna Plus,Shine,Shine Plus,Idol Plus,Comfort,Comfort Ezee,Cool 20/40,Cool 40,Cool 80,Cool 150,Cool 250/500,Cool 500/500,Cool 500/1000,Cool 1000/1000,Grand 25,Grand 40,Grand 80,Grand 120,Grand 250,Grand 500,Grand 1000,Super 40,Super 150,Water Coolers Hot and Cold,BMSS2020,BMSS2040,BMSS4040,Water ATM 250,Water ATM 500,Shine 250,Shine 500,Shine 2000,WS-2000,AWS-6000,AWS-3000 ,WS-6000,WS-3000,SCF-3000,SCF-6000,SCF-1000,IR-1500,

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