CHLORINE REMOVAL ( 2.5'',10'')

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We are well known in the field of manufacturing Chlorine Removal (2.5” ,10”) for RO water purifiers. This Chlorine removal filter not only removes Chlorine from the water but also removes nitrates, tannins, arsenic and perchlorates as well. Product features: • It removes VOC, Chlorine taste and odour • It has an exceptionally Low Pressure Drop Product Specification : • Dimensions of the product is 2.5" x 10" • Nominal Rating is 5µm • It reduces the Chlorine Taste and Odour Reduction: 15,000 Gallons @ 2 gpm flow • VOC Capacity is 1000 gallons @0.5 gpm flow • The temperature rating is 40°F to 180°F

Used In : Advance Star,EVA Star,EVA,Crown Star,Crown UTS,Elite Star,Nova UTS (Under-Sink),Nova Plus (Under-Sink),Marine,Idol,Idol Star,Idol Gold,Idol Smart,Magna,Magna Plus,Shine,Shine Plus,Idol Plus,Comfort,Comfort Ezee,Cool 20/40,Cool 40,Cool 80,Cool 150,Cool 250/500,Cool 500/500,Cool 500/1000,Cool 1000/1000,Grand 25,Grand 40,Grand 80,Grand 120,Grand 250,Grand 500,Grand 1000,Super 40,Super 150,Water Coolers Hot and Cold,BMSS2020,BMSS2040,BMSS4040,Water ATM 250,Water ATM 500,Shine 250,Shine 500,Shine 2000,WS-2000,AWS-6000,AWS-3000 ,WS-6000,WS-3000,SCF-3000,SCF-6000,SCF-1000,IR-1500,

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