Can I get the Blue mount water purifier installed at my rented place?

Sure, whichever place you wish to install it, we are at your service. It is still suggested to get permission from the homeowner once.

Am I getting the demonstration to make my understanding easier?

Once all the installation by our experts is done. They will provide you with a complete demonstration and will hand you the user guide as well. Our user guide would help you in sorting out all kinds of doubts while using the purifier.

Do you offer a home installation where I live?

Yes, sure our services are all over India with authorized dealers, distributors, and channels.

Is installation still offered if I have a water softener?

To your surprise, we are skilled to do that by just attaching the water purifier to the main water supply just before the water softener.

What if I move to another place?

You just need to make a call and one of the members of our expert team will reinstall your residing property. This will not cost you any extra charges.

Will I be able to dispense water from the purifier in case of no electricity?

The Omni Grand tank purifier is exclusively designed for the storage of water that you can easily dispense out without the help of electricity

Can I use any brand filter in my Blue mount water purifier?

No, if you wish for the durability of the water purifier system then it is suggested not to fit any brand filter other than the original Blue mount’s  spare part. This might decrease the efficiency of the water purifier

How do I know when I have to change any filter?

You might experience some foul taste and find an undesirable taste of water. Other than this it is always suggested that you must change the filter within 6 months

How will I get new Consumables/filters replaced?

if in need, you just call away from us Contact us through our helpline number and our experts would guide you through the process

How do Blue mount models purify water?

Blue mount Elite models have a 6-Stage Purification System which ensures you get water that is as healthy and pure as that of silver. The water system helps in removing excess amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS) to make your water healthier and tastier

In the first stage, the water passes through the Pre-Sediment Filter which removes fine and coarse particulate impurities/dirt. The second stage is the Pre-RO Carbon Filter that removes chlorine and organic impurities like harmful pesticides. It also performs adsorption of bad taste and odor-causing organic compounds from the water. The third stage is the Post-Carbon Sediment Filter which removes the remaining dirt. Then in the fourth stage, the water passes through the RO Membrane at high pressure, with the help of an inbuilt pump. The RO Membrane and UF membrane in the system removes dissolved salts, hardness, pesticides, and heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. It also removes microbial contaminants like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and parasites. After the RO Membrane, the water passes through a TDS Modulator that adds adequate quantities of essential minerals to the water. In the fifth stage, Blue mount exclusive silver touch filter made with silver balls of activated carbon acts as antimicrobial for killing bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses making the drinking water pure and healthy. Now in the Sixth and the final stage, the presence of a UV lamp provides ultrafiltration and acts as an additional stage of purification to inactivate all the parasites if present and then finally provides you with healthy and pure water to drink

What is the storage capacity of 'Blue Mount' models'?

Blue mount models have a storage tank capacity of up to 18 liters with running input water. The process of filling the storage tank is fully automatic and when you take water out of the tank, the purification process automatically starts and refills the storage tank.

How much time does it take to purify water in the Blue Mount water system?

It can purify water up to 9-12 liters per hour. However, the time taken to purify depends on the life of the Filters, the input water pressure, TDS, and other impurities present in water

How will I get new Consumables/Membranes replaced?

You need to call the Blue mount Helpline and order for Blue mount Service Kit Our technician will visit your place and replace the membrane at a nominal cost

Can I drink the first purification cycle of water from the purifier?

After the OmniGrand water system is installed, it is always suggested to discard the first cycle of water (10 liters) that is filled in the storage tank

Can I use any type of water to purify through Blue mount models?

Blue mount models purify “potable” water for the removal of hardness and other impurities to give you safe and healthy drinking water. If the input water has impurities normally not present in drinking water (high iron/turbidity/ microbial contamination etc) or water is from an unknown source then suitable pre-treatments are required.

What happens when there is no electricity?

In case of no electricity, no worries you are still able to dispense water from the device since Blue mount models are fitted with a UF membrane that can work in the presence of little or no electricity.

What should I do if any part of the purifier is broken?

Please call on toll-free Blue mount Helpline No. We will guide you on the repairs required You would need to buy the replacement parts at an additional cost.

What should I do if there is a leakage from the purifier?

Turn off the Ball Valve and switch off the power, if you find any failure. Check for any visually improper fitments and then call our Blue mount Helpline at 91-11-49491555 and register a service request.

How long the stored water in Blue mount Elite models is used for drinking?

You can use stored water for 2 days. If it is not used for more than 2 days we advise you to discard that water, refill, and then consume it.

Will the Guided Alert System indicate any leakage complaints?

No. It only indicates key electrical faults.

How can I clean my Blue mount models?

It is recommended to clean dry or wet wiping with a 3M mop cloth. Do not spray water on the device front cover as it may damage the electronic part. Do not use soap or hard cleaning detergents.

What should I do if the water from the purifier tastes unusual or the purification takes more time?

Please call the Blue mount helpline at 91-11-49491555. Our technician will visit you and.

What should I do if the water from the purifier tastes unusual or the purification takes more time?

Please call the Blue mount helpline at 91-11-49491555. Our technician will visit you and help you resolve all the issues.