Filtration Technology


How Our Unique Purification System Works?

Removes all the nasty stuff while keeping in all the healthy minerals that you need

The World’s Most Advanced Countertop Water Filtration Here’s How

The World’s Most Advanced Countertop Water Filtration Here’s How

Revolution in water industry
Silver Shakti Technology

BlueMount water purifiers are revolutionise water industry with its exclusive Silver Shakti technology. It has the traditional goodness of a newborn’s first meal in silverware.
This Silver Shakti Filter made from actual silver ball. Silver ions (Ag+) play an essential role in killing dangerous bacteria by readily absorbing most of the biomolecules (DNA, membrane protein, enzymes, or intracellular cofactors) present in bacteria and inactivate their functions and keeps the stored water fresh for long.
In concert with oxygen, BlueMount Silver Shakti acts as a powerful sanitizer that is used against antimicrobials and used for killing bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. Making it purest & healthiest water a purifier can provide.

The wonder water
Antioxident Alkaline Technology

BlueMount Antioxidant Alkaline water filter neutralise acid and removes toxins from human body. Anti-oxidant alkaline changes Pure water to heathy by increasing ph to (7 to 8.5) making water alkaline and decreasing ORP to (-250 to -50) converting water to antioxidant.
The water molecules clusters in alkaline water are smaller and readily absorbed by the cell, which help the body to re-hydrate quickly and gives the numerous benefits to human body.

Removes Impurities and Adds MInerals that Others Filters Cannot

Discover what our patented water purification system removes



Bacteria, parasites and waterborne cysts



Herbicides and Pesticides

Atrazine, Linuron

Industrial Waste

Lead, Mercury, TCPP, TCEP, Nonylphenol, Asbestos, Bisphenol A

Medical and Biological Waste

Ibuprofen, Hormones, Deet & many others

Microplastics and Particles

Removes 99% of microplastic particles as well as other debris such as rust

Blue Mount Water Purifiers vs the best selling RO Purifiers

Popular RO purifiers do good job in removing harmful salts & dissolved impurities but it also removes important minerals from water. Only Blue Mount patented antioxidant alkaline RO with Silver Shakti technology meets all parameters of pure & healthy water.

Filtration Process Pure water parameters
Physical Impurities Smell & Colour Bacteria & Virus Chemicals Important Minerals
Sediment Filter
Activated Carbon
Reverse Osmosis
Anti-Oxidant Alkaline RO
+ Silver Shakti
TDS < 150 PPM, pH (Alkaline Water) 7 to 8.5, ORP (Anti-Oxidant) -50 to -250

Replace RO with Blue Mount Alkaline RO

    Replace RO with Blue Mount Alkaline RO