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We specialize in the manufacture of RO Element (40X40). These types of industrial membrane elements have a hard shell exterior and are preferred for RO systems which have multiple elements having more than three or more membranes. These are designed to withstand high pressure drops. • Product Specifications: • The permeate flow rates may vary for individual elements by +/-20%. • The membrane type is Polyamide Thin-Film Composite • The maximum operating Temperature for it is 113°F (45°C) • Its Maximum Feed Flow Rate is 16 gpm (3.6 m3/h) • Its Maximum pressure drop is 15 psig (1,0 bar)

Used In : Advance Star,EVA Star,EVA,Crown Star,Crown UTS,Elite Star,Nova UTS (Under-Sink),Nova Plus (Under-Sink),Marine,Idol,Idol Star,Idol Gold,Idol Smart,Magna,Magna Plus,Shine,Shine Plus,Idol Plus,Comfort,Comfort Ezee,Cool 20/40,Cool 40,Cool 80,Cool 150,Cool 250/500,Cool 500/500,Cool 500/1000,Cool 1000/1000,Grand 25,Grand 40,Grand 80,Grand 120,Grand 250,Grand 500,Grand 1000,Super 40,Super 150,Water Coolers Hot and Cold,BMSS2020,BMSS2040,BMSS4040,Water ATM 250,Water ATM 500,Shine 250,Shine 500,Shine 2000,WS-2000,AWS-6000,AWS-3000 ,WS-6000,WS-3000,SCF-3000,SCF-6000,SCF-1000,IR-1500,

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