Alkaline RO Technology

Alkaline RO purification technology provides purification by alkaline RO combined with pH + Carbon + Sediments filter equipped with LED Display. The carbon and sediments filter remove both suspended and dissolved impurities such as chemicals and various metal salts.

It's state-of-the-art alkaline filter and RO collectively purify water while the pH filter maintains the pH level as well as minerals essential for human body.

Blue Mount's Alkaline RO Technology

Misleading Popular Brand's Technology

Blue Mount's unique technology brings with itself the power of RO without mixing purified with impure water to maintain the TDS. Instead its NFS certified antioxidant alkaline filter purifies water while persistently maintaining natural minerals essential for human body.

Has a smaller cluster of molecules than that of a normal water molecule.
Due to its size, it can penetrate and move across cell membranes at a higher speed and efficiency than normal water molecules.
Its efficiency as a refreshing source of hydration is higher than that of normal water.
Alkaline Water helps the body to gain a higher capacity for aerobic exercise, while being quite helpful to your heart, as it significantly decreases blood pressure.
Alkaline Water makes your heart healthy and keeps you running around in your busy schedule.
Alkaline ionized water effectively flushes toxic waste from your body, bringing you to a healthier and happier state of existence.
This type of water becomes rich in calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium ions, which are easier for the body to assimilate.
Alkaline ionized water saves the body energy by making the minerals accessible in a form that need not be broken down for assimilation.
Alkaline ionized water is suspected to help prevent and eliminate cancer cells in the body
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